Friend recommended this as her go-to lunch spot, and we both ordered the chicken katsu white curry set ($15.80+ / ~$18). The white curry tastes like normal Japanese curry, and had a large piece of potato, carrot, and broccoli instead of the usual cubed onion/potato/carrot. The chicken katsu steals the show as it is crisp without being oily, and moist. Felt almost like pork loin katsu, but chicken!! Miso soup is deceptively plain-looking, yet is light and tasty. Found the truffle oil chanwanmushi pleasant, but nothing special.

Am stuffed with the normal portion, but you can ask for more miso soup and rice as it is free flow. The price is comparable to large Japanese restaurant chains, but much better than their usual chicken katsu curry. The interior is also truer to eateries in Japan, and they helpfully provide a basket to place your bag in for safekeeping.

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