NEWLY OPENED! this place only opened recently and i am so excited because this cafe is only one minute's walk from my house! i liked the ambience of the place, it had the chilled, relaxed kind of feel. the Poached Salmon ($20) caught my eye while i was looking through the menu, probably because i was craving for it! the salmon was not fully cooked, and it was more raw than cooked. i didn't mind, of course. i was able to peel off the flesh easily! combining it with the sweet onion salad and cous cous with raisins, it had a good mix of flavour which made me very pleased. i'm quite sad i didn't manage to try their desserts, apparently they are pretty decent! the waiting time was a little long, food a little pricey, and the menu selection was pretty limited but i heard they are going to add on more variety, just not sure when. can't wait though!

in this photo also includes the Duck Confit Pasta ($19), Short Rib Ragu Pasta ($22) and Butternut Pasta ($17).