We had the Pad Thai ($8), Moo Ping (3 for $5) and coconut shake ($7).

Vanna's Pad Thai was okay - slightly on the drier side but was happy with the portion. It's sweeter than most pad thai but definitely still very delicious.

Moo Ping was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! It's the corner stall beside the coconut ice cream stall and the queue is insane. Not hard to see why though. The moo ping is fantastically marbled and it's soft yet meaty at the same time. So good. It's a definite must get if you're going to Chatuchak Singapore.

Coconut shake was quite refreshing and am glad to see that only coconut, coconut water and ice was used as the ingredients! Slightly pricey but it's a huuuuge cup so not bad!