Opened pretty recently, Kueh Ho Jiak sells Teochew Kueh at Blk 6 Tanjong Pagar Plaza (aka the market and food centre opposite Amara/100AM). They have quite a large variety of Ang Ku Kueh amongst other stuff such as Ubi Kayu (which I was recommended) and Carrot Cake.

Tried their Hae Bee Hiam (purple) and Red Bean (yellow) Ang Ku Kueh — both are made without coloring; the colours come from the sweet potato used in the making of the skin of the Ang Ku Kueh. Both Kueh are pretty good — both had skin that weren't sticky nor too thick while not too oily whilst giving a firm bite. The Hae Bee Hiam might sound weird to some, but works perfectly for those who fancy savoury flavours (my sort of food); it's spicy and just savoury enough without going too salty — the skin even carrying a light and mellow sweetness to balance things just a little. The red bean, on the other hand, is not as sweet expected — focuses more on the earthy notes of red bean instead. Would definitely be back to try the Ubi Kayu another time!