We had to order the black chicken herbal soup, which is the eponymous dish that gave the stall it's name. We got the smallest size for the soup and it is served in a mini pot alongside several parts of the black chicken. The chicken can be eaten and the meat is pretty tender, although there are quite a lot of bones, which might be a deterrent for some of us who are lazier.

The highlight was the soup, which definitely tasted somewhat herbal and medicinal. This wasn't surprising to us as we read online that Seng Kee boils the soup with an array of Chinese herbs! However, the soup wasn't overly bitter and we could still taste that it was chicken soup - Seng Kee definitely simmered the soup for quite a long time with the chicken. There were also some hints of sweetness in the soup, presumably from the rather generous inclusion of red dates and goji berries in the soup. Hence, we thought the flavours of the soup were actually pretty complex and it makes for a nice ending to your meal after you have finished your mains!

We would highly recommend this comforting soup if you are dining at Seng Kee!

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