If you love your durian, you have almost certainly eaten one of Emicake's iconic Durian cakes, which also happens to be what we consider, the best cake version of the beloved king of fruits. And when it comes to durian, it's worth it going for the very best, which in this case means going for the Mao Shan Wang ($71.40 for 15cm) instead of the Classic D24 ($40.30 for 15cm). Every forkful of the sponge cake gets you an equal amount of luscious durian flesh embedded in the mousse, so you get to enjoy the fruit without getting your fingers dirty. The cake only loses points because they don't sell it in slices, but for the most part, it's a celebratory cake worth splurging on. Just make sure your party-goers enjoy durian too.
*Whole cakes with letterings have to be ordered one day in advance, otherwise no pre-order necessary
Photo by Burppler Hilary See