A little ice cream parlour located in a HDB estate, Beans & Cream was still drawing in the crowds on Sunday night. There’s not much seating, with approximately 10 cramped seats indoors and another 10 outdoors. It’s a bit hard to manoeuvre in the shop because the space is tight.

They have a good range of ice cream flavours, nothing super creative or fancy, but they’re classics that work. The waffle textures are on point and the lava cake checks all the boxes. However, what would have been a fantastic experience was marred by lousy service. Both staff members couldn’t care less and were doing just the bare minimum to get the orders out. The sweet desserts are affordable and tasty at Beans & Cream, but it’s almost comical and ironic how sour the staff’s expressions and attitudes are.

Personal recommendations:
- Waffles
- Lava cake
- Mao Shan Wang ice cream
- Dark chocolate ice cream