I love that Melbourne is full of cafes tucked away in hidden alleys, it makes them feel like secret hideouts. Rustica Canteen is one of them (albeit not so secret for it was bustling with people!) though the smell of bacon permeating the air even before walking into the lane was a dead giveaway.

This dish came greatly recommended by my brother, who said it was one of his favourite chili scrambled eggs in the city. Unfortunately, I can't say I enjoyed it as much as he did because I found it all too salty (might be a perfect hangover meal though, but no I can't/won't imagine my precious baby brother touching alcohol ever). I did like the texture of the scrambled eggs, which were sufficiently fluffy but the most amazing thing on the plate was definitely the bread. They came in the form of sliced pumpkin seeded sourdough toasts, with a beautiful orange hue and good crunch from the seeds. It is of no surprise to me then, when I learnt that the bread was from the well known Rustica Sourdough Bakery.
It was sooo good, I immediately thought of packing it back for my work friends who love bread as much as I do, only to realise I'm 77625 miles away :'(

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