Modern Hong Kong style Char Chaan Tang located at the old Parkmall. Very spacious place with a model train running along its tracks up in the ceiling. We ordered their beef hor fun, char siew pork with scrambled eggs on rice with XO chilli sauce and Wantan Noodles, three of their signature dishes. The hor fun had wok heat, beef very tender, not too greasy. This last part is important cause the greasiness of some dry fried hor fun puts you off. Too little and it sticks to the wok. The Wantan noodle soup tastes strangely like fish ball noodles soup. I’ll pass. As for the char siew rice, it was a strange combination. Sweet char siew, runny scrambled eggs a little salty taste and spicy XO chilli. Not sure to like it or dislike it.

The Hong Kong style milk tea was close enough to the ones in Hong Kong. So all in I’ll say a tad better than those wanna be Char Chaan Tang in Singapore.

I’ll come back and try their sandwiches and baked rices next time.