Here's my two cents on a couple of goodies from Brother Bird's new croissant lineup. I believe they're available till 15/9.

I genuinely like the concept of the Taiwanese Sausage Croissant Roll ($5) - it's a different yet safe take on the homely sausage bun/roll. This was, however, a bit of a let-down; it was as if they just randomly wedged a sausage into croissant pastry. Some sort of binding agent (it seems the suggestion of adding cheese has surfaced) would've made this less dry, and more cohesive as a whole.

The Blueberry Crumble (filled) Mochi Croissant ($4) is a lot softer in texture, as compared to the other croissants. Not the best of the lineup, and other than being filled with (a forgettable) blueberry jam, the "crumble" aspect seems to be missing.

[Further R&D for this current mochi croissant lineup may very well be in the works, according to their Instagram page. We shall stay tuned.]