TLDR: Positive vibes and cosy cafe.

Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Value: 5/5
Location: 5/5
Ambience: 4/5

Initially we were hesitant reading one of the last review, but we just had to try for ourselves.

Our experience at Overscoop has been nothing but serendipity. We were hunting around for some sweet snacks in town and saw there was a 1for1 waffle promotion.

Staff was friendly and patient whilst we pick the ice cream. Though there was some initial confusion due to two ongoing promotions, it was resolved quickly.

Quite a wide selection of ice cream, but stuck with one trusty vanilla scoop with standard & pandan waffles. Order came less than 10 minutes, kinda surprises as it was a busy weekend.

Taste wise - Crispy yet airy, all the must haves of waffles. Not too sweet is the bonus! Large portion as can be seen from the photo, with promo for students & seniors. Free mini scoop, a very nice gesture.

Suggest for boss to consider adding some small savory bites (chicken bites, fries etc) to the menu. Also worthwhile to think how to encourage diners to clear their tables.

Special thanks for catering to the hot drink, you got yourself a new fan. Cheers!