I got the Callebaut Dark Chocolate (w/ Nuts) soft serve (RM12.90/S$4.15) on my first visit to Softsrve at Taman Mount Austin. A quick Google search will tell you that Callebaut is a type of couverture chocolate from Belgium, made from roasting the whole cocoa bean instead of the typical method of roasting the cocoa kernel. An ingredient as sophisticated as this Belgian chocolate can only mean an ice-cream to remember, right? But unfortunately, this was…pretty underwhelming.

I hope it’s not only me who feels that the quality of café foods in JB are a shadow of the ones here in Singapore. Well, generally speaking, as i am aware that there are exceptions to this. Truthfully, while the taste of the chocolate was mellowed, yet still packing a jab of flavour, and that the soft-serve was smooth, it wasn’t remarkable or at least memorable at all. But that’s not surprising given how standard/typical a couverture chocolate usually tastes. I was hoping for an element of surprise, but there seemed to be none.
Plus, the workmanship of the swirling was decent at best - the helix-conical swirl seemed to be slanted towards the west and the top looks quite deformed. I was definitely a little disappointed. Yet, I would say it’s certainly still worth a snap or two? 🤔
They do have other things on the menu such as Belgian/puffle waffles and some shaved ice dessert, but I must say - don’t expect any sort of grandeur in taste, unless you want to deliberately set yourself up for disappointment. (7/10)