Dropped by the favourite place for the weekly cuppa and found some new pastries hiding behind the display shelf again — had never seen them offer galettes before so it is a surprise to find them serving up not one, but two new galettes on the day of our visit; one being the Rustic Apple Galette, and the other being a Rustic Peach Frangipane Galette.

Since we arrived Brawn & Brains after lunch, we only had stomach space to share just one galette — the Rustic Apple Galette being our choice of galette to go for. Patrons who wishes to go for an additional scoop or Vanilla Ice-Cream can choose to do so for an additional $4. Really liked how the puff pastry was not too dense here, yet enough to provide a good chew as one tears the galette apart; there is that slight fragrance of the dough amidst all the thin and soft apple slices over the top. Whilst the apple slices did carry a slight tang, there is a very light spread of cream cheese between the puff pastry and the apple slices to bring the two together — a pretty decently-sized pastry for one to finish.