Yet another item that is available at Lowercase now that Prodigal Cafe has since started their operations there, the Lavender Cheesecake is one of the items I always quite look forward to having whenever I am craving for a cake whilst visiting Prodigal Roasters/Prodigal Cafe previously.

The piece that I had was shaped in a square, though they used to serve them up in the usual wedge form previously at both Prodigal Cafe and Prodigal Roasters whenever it was available — the cake still feels very familiar as how it was back then even to this day; that light but rich cheesecake layer and that graham cracker base at the bottom that is slightly thicker than what one would expect out of cheesecake from other establishments. The cheesecake is smooth and sufficiently dense when it came to the mousse layer, yet not overwhelmingly heavy on the taste buds — easy to eat, whilst coming with a whiff of floral aroma from the lavender petals that is infused within; the graham cracker base giving it just the right crunch whilst being tightly packed without being overly buttery or wet, yet holding up the weight above very well.

Wanted a cuppa that is slightly more out of my “zone” so decided to switch out my usual order of the Dirty to the Bailey’s Iced White — there is this distinct hint of booziness going on in here from the Bailey’s whilst the cuppa is immensely smooth and creamy; whilst I wouldn’t say it was quite as heavy in terms of caffeine as what I had expected it to be, there was no doubt that it got that perfect balance between the alcohol and coffee itself that makes it quite the mid-day treat on its own.

With the return of Prodigal Roasters/Prodigal Coffee into cafe operations at Lowercase, and the return of some of their most iconic items such as the Lavender Cheesecake and the Grilled Cheese Sandwich, there is no better opportunity than now to actually make a visit to savour the dishes that were missing-in-action for quite a while since the closure of their MacPherson Lane location due to the en-bloc exercise in they neighbourhood. Now that the Lavender Cheesecake had made its return; I am secretly hoping for the Miso Cheese Tart to make its reappearance too — an item that I had fallen in love with ever since they had first opened their doors at Yio Chu Kang back then!

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