Though I am more accustomed to having grilled pork belly when I have Korean, Bigmama’s steamed Suyuk is equally enjoyable. We were served with thinly-sliced unseasoned pork belly. The staff demonstrated how to enjoy this dish 3 ways:
✨ dip the pork in either the lemon garlic sauce (1) or black bean sauce (2) and eat it together with a strip of cucumber, or
✨ place the pork on top a pickled radish and top it with spiced bean sprouts (3)

Personally enjoyed having it the second way - the black bean sauce and the cucumber complements each other and enhances the flavor of the suyuk 👌🏻

Set A: Dakgalbi (2pax), Suyuk (L), Galbisal, Buchu Jeon, Rice (4)


📍 Bigmama Korean Restaurant
2 Kim Tian Rd, Singapore 169244

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