I get my chicken rice with ้ธกๅฐพ chicken drumstick and at Chicken Head ้›ž้ ญ #01-18, the chunks of meat sit in a shallow metal dish. They're super tender and are served with gravy that has a touch of sesame oil that the chicken takes in. The mound of rice is fragrant with enough chicken stock for flavour and the meal is good even without chilli but I must have their freshly chopped ginger which is watery. But before all that, whatโ€™s a super appetising start to the meal is a sip of their savoury soup that's highlighted by chopped spring onions. Finish this meal with a drink from Whompoa Soya Bean. I tried their Rose Soya Bean ($1.2/$1.40) which was like bandung with a strong hit of soya bean goodness.

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