famous for their chicken rice (which is absolutely delicious), this little store serves pretty decent Zichar too!!! Wide variety of choices and most of them sound pretty interesting. The 12$ Chinese spinach with assorted eggs was especially delicious GAHA we even finished the soup bc it was that flavorful yum!!! If you are a fan of salted egg then the 12$ salted egg sotong is a must get! love how the salted egg coating is so thick and crispy! The 11$ hainanese pork chop was alright but not too impressive GAHA loved the sauce but it just tasted like fried pork cutlets. The 16$ herbal drunken prawns however were really really disappointing :-( I swear you could smell the herbs from miles away but the flavour didn't seep into the meat at all and the prawn turned out to be really bland and tasteless :-( DO NOT GET THAT DISH GUYS the cereal prawn / salted egg prawn seemed like much better options