This restaurant is located inside Changi Beach Club. For people like me living in the west, it is very far. But after my first visit, I am kicking myself for not coming to this place earlier.

We ordered their steamed crab ($70 per kilo). The STI Lankan crab weighed 1.1kg, a good size. Also ordered roast chicken, claypot rice, Hor Fun with Crayfish and Hong Kong Kai Lan. Every dish was nicely done. The hor fun had a lot of wok heat and the crab had a lot of roe.

But what stood out was the claypot rice. It was served at the table with soya sauce drizzled in and well mixed with the burnt bits of rice. So the final taste was savoury, with tender pieces of chicken and Chinese sausage, and crunchy from the bits of burnt rice.

The one complaint I have is their lack of staff which resulted in long waits to take orders. Even the kitchen staff had to help serve the dishes to the table.

But for this level of food, I can tolerate their tardiness. Definitely going back soon to try other dishes.

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