[Permanently Closed] I have to be honest – this was one of the cases of the food looking better than it tastes. I can’t give you a very detailed review as to how it tasted, because it’s been 3 months since I had this. I do remember it being passable, yet I also recall it missing a spark or a unique quality.

The way this fort-looking stuffed thick toast is presented makes it so confident, towering and decadent that you just want to bust it open at once. But once you do that, you’re greeted with well…disappointment. In other words, the molten chocolate lava hardly oozed when I had it, which I immediately thought was a red flag.

Then when you get to tasting the toast itself, you’re even more nonplussed at how dull it is – for something that looked as beautifuly constructed as this, it was awfully run-of-the-mill in taste. The Matcha gelato, which was hardly creamy at all, didn’t serve to amp it up either, which reinforced my impression of how unremarkable this was. But I guess it could have been because I came with the expectation that it’d match up to their predecessor’s, Meet & Melt, standards. Perhaps I should have gone for the one that they heavily advertised – their Mentaiko and Raclette Cheese toast.

Then again, I wonder what is the real point of this monologue when the place has ceased operations at the last day of last year. (5.8/10)

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