Tried @ginger.lilysingapore's afternoon tea recently and we enjoyed it quite a bit! The serving was rather large especially for the savouries, there was a good variety of items and we got to try different types of tea! The dessert stood out more than the savouries and my favourite item from the dessert is the Valrhona 46% Amatika Chocolate Cake, it was rich, chocolatey and moist at the same time 😍 The savoury items were rather normal but decent and my favourite item is the Iberico Ham Crostini because it was more unique.

I especially appreciated how the teas offered were more unique, they are from @gifeltea and they have a Ginger Lily House Blend too. I preferred the Ginger Lily in the kombucha form, served as their welcome drink and the tea I liked most served hot was the Singapore's Glory which features a floral blend of flavours. Overall, I thought this was quite value for money with good food and tea, along with a relaxing atmosphere and good service too! I would return again when their menu changes to try more items 😋