Ordered the waffles with two scoops of ice cream ($9.80). After much consideration, we chose the dark chocolate and Mao Shan Wang (Premium flavour, +$0.80).

The waffles are made to order, so you have to wait for a while as the waffles are prepared on the waffle iron. It’s worth the wait though. The waffle textures are on point, crispy on the outside, yet soft and fluffy inside.

The ice cream here is also awesomely creamy and rich. They don’t melt that quickly, so you have time to savour the flavours at your own pace. The Mao Shan Wang comes at a premium but it’s well worth the extra $0.80 if you love durian because this was chock full of durian flavour. It’s made with real durian, and I was even chewing on real durian flesh in some mouthfuls! We all had durian breath and burps after finishing the ice cream. Still blown away by how good their rendition of Mao Shan Wang ice cream is! The Dark Chocolate is one for real chocolate lovers. It’s got bittersweetness, and one taste is enough to land you in chocolate bliss.

Beans & Cream plays it quite safe with their ice cream flavours, and you probably won’t see crazy innovative combinations here, but these people know their ice cream and do them well. Definitely recommended for some good ice cream and waffles in the heartlands!

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