Ever tried Eastern European cuisine before? @kapitan.sg is a great place to start, with its chill ambience and great food 😍

My favourite out of all got to be the Salo ($14.90), which was some kind of cold pork belly which was super addictive. The slices were very tender and succulent, and I loved the savoury cured flavour. Pair them with mustard and their sourdough, and you got yourself a fancy appetiser!

Their Dumpling Combo Platter ($17.90) was also a great sharing dish. I love how the dumpling skin was bouncy with a great mouthfeel. The meat within was pretty succulent as well. Loved the beef one with mayo!

The Zharkoe ($27.90) came in a big bread bowl, and it was filled with cheese, potato and a very hearty pork stew. This is one good dish to share and can be very filling.

If you need a drink, the Triple Vodka Martini ($25) is one option. This was quite strong and the Lemon flavour didn't taste too artificial!

It was a great meal at Kapitan 😍 Thank you @kapitan.sg for the food and @smolbelly for inviting!