Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice has always been my go-to for my curry rice fix. Despite long queues that stretch outside of the shelter and having to bear with the heat sometimes, service is arguably relatively fast. When I went around 11.15am, there was already a decently sized crowd, and I queued for about 20 minutes before it was my turn. For a popular food stall, I am glad to say that when I was there the aunties and uncles were very friendly and polite! Unlike those grumpy and unfriendly ones, who rush you to order to the point you can’t catch your breath.

What I love most about Loo’s is their aromatic curry that is mildly spicy. The texture of the curry here is thin, and the arduous process of preparing the curry over three days produces a flavour that allows nodes of ginger and the other spices to be more apparent than elsewhere. I just wanted to drink it all up in soup, but unfortunately the curry was only enough to drench my rice so that I can have its flavour with every bite.
Another hot favourite at the stall is the pork chop. The crispy pork chop sat in a plate of tomato-based sauce, and you could do without that if you’d like. However, I went with it, and it gave a both sweet and sour complement to the pork chop which I actually appreciated. Pork chop was also juicy and succulent — a match made in heaven for the curry rice here. The other ingredients were pretty damn decent in their own right too. I liked how the braised cabbages were soft and slightly sourish, making it a delightful vegetable pairing with the rice. The curried prawns were decently fresh and juicy, and the additional sauce was a bonus for all of us to top up on our rice. The braised pork was laced in fat, so for those who want a fatty melt-in-your-mouth addition to your meal, go for it. The eggs and beansprouts dish was a filler as they sadly did not have any fried eggs left, which I would definitely have gone for if available!

If I could offer any advice, come earlier and with a hungry stomach so you can feast and make the most out of your meal here!