Finally had a chance to dine at @limesingapore for their weekend lunch buffet ($78++) and it's definitely pretty decent with just some misses!

The highlight got to be their seafood selection, with several exquisite items such as freshly shucked oysters, Boston lobsters and snow crab legs. The oysters were fantastic; juicy, succulent with fresh seafood savouriness. The crab legs were meaty, fresh and naturally salty.

For many buffets, they don't do their roast beef right. However, the rendition at Lime hits differently as it was surprisingly tender with a good beefy flavour. One of my favourites was actually their Cheese Wheel Pasta, it was so creamy, rich, cheesy and the pasta was al dente. Actually went to take 3 portions in total!

Cakes were mostly good, as they were rich and moist.

And as all buffets, they have their misses. The sashimi here was really not good, especially their tuna. The other Japanese items like sushi were really forgettable. Ice cream selections were just too frozen hard to grab anything.

Nonetheless, this is still a decent buffet to go for your celebrations. With a beautiful ambience, I believe it is date night worthy!