Tons of choices at wallet-friendly prices at this bakery next to Kent Ridge MRT. It’s quite a challenge deciding what to order (especially because they’ve got both sweet potato and pumpkin buns!). Decided to go with the sweet potato one first as it was prettier. With purple hued bread browned on the outside with almonds stuck on top encasing a vibrant orange sweet potato filling, I love the colours of this sweet potato bun.

My first bite didn’t yield such a great impression. It reeked of yeast, but after trying it again later on, I found I enjoyed it a lot more. The bread here isn’t the softest, it’s a bit dry and dense, but they’re generous with the moist sweet potato filling which counters the dryness of the bun. I also appreciated the crunchy almond slices, which added not only some crunchiness to the bun, but also some nutty flavours. I’m not too sure why the flavours tasted so off for me when I first bit into the bun, but it was a yummy bun after all! Probably will not buy again since there are so many other flavours worth trying first though.