Pass by Go-ang 24 hour chicken rice stall all the time but never have i crossed my mind to try it even though it is awarded 1 michelin star.
Now they have opened in sg, plus near my place.. i thought why not give it a try. Must be really good to open in a country famous for chicken rice. $4.50 for a plate of chicken rice (chicken breast) $5.50 for chicken thigh.
Price: There’s a western version Chicken rice stall located at basement of Nex mall call ToriGo sells chicken rice for the same price. I personally like ToriGo!’s rice better, the sauce on the rice makes the rice so tasty. If you are a more healthy, light or bland eater, Go-ang will suit you. It is not as oily.

Meat: Kampong style chicken, which is more succulent. I find their chicken breast less dry which is a plus point but really should improve on giving the chicken more flavour. It’s basically pretty tasteless chicken meat honestly. Without their superb sauce, which is the next thing i’m going to talk about.

Sauce: For non chilli eater like me in the past, I am a hardcore original flavour person. My chicken rice must be eaten strictly without any sauce or additional seasoning. So for the past me, this Chicken rice is a fail..But now as i can take some chili, Go-Ang’s chilli is never in Sg you will find this pairing. Usually Sg style chicken rice pairs with garlic chili but Go-Ang’s green chilli mix soy sauce and fermented bean paste was unusual but damn good. Even have crunchy bits of ginger chunks which adds more texture. Only down side is, it overpowers the whole dish. I could only taste the chili.
After trying so many chicken rice in Sg.. I still love Yishun 925 chicken rice the most. Be it the price point, taste (don’t even need any sauce pls) and the consistency in every stalls. Second fav... Mandarin orchard Chatterbox. Their chicken and rice quality is superb. I have tried our very own Tien Tien but sadly to me it’s too oily for my liking. Guess taste and preference is very subjective. Any recommendation for good chicken rice pls share!❤️