Food and ambience is great BUT the service is really sub-par from start to end. For the price I’m paying, I’d rather go elsewhere.

I rarely give poor reviews. But they were really impatient even at 10ish in the morning, when they were half full. Not the kind of way you’d want to start your morning.

When my friend and I arrived, we hesitated/ stuttered before sharing our reservation name and pax because the booking was made by a friend who wasn’t there yet. The waiter immediately told us off before giving us time to check or suggesting for us to check our reservation. Instead he chose to say “it’d make a big difference to the tables, A BIG DIFFERENCE”. While it’s true, his tone was super necessary and harsh. He then walked off leaving another waiter nearby to tend to us.

Later on, we wanted to seek help from a waitress to help us get a photo. Her response was literally “Er no, I don’t want to touch it” and walked away. Without an apology or explanation. Granted that it was our bad, we forgot it was sensitive times and people might not want to touch our belongings. But honestly, can’t think of another restaurant with waiters that’d throw an attitude like that to a paying customer. I mean I’d understand if I were at a coffee shop or hawker centre but not in a cafe like this.

Come at your own risk of meeting snobbish pricks.

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