gotttaa say first. i dont usually eat these dishes so i wont give a rating but just how i felt overall :) went around 8pm on a thursday & it was PACKEDDDD. staff was q nice to see if there were available tables n there was one 😁

mac n cheese spatzle was not the best, my first bite rly wasnt a "omg this is GOOOOD" kinda dish and tho the portion was relatively small, it was q filling, but it rlly got abit too much for me at the end. the noodle is more of like a full-filled kinda macaroni which isnt my type also...cheese had a fragrant smell but i think i js prefer mozzarella oops.

farmer's sausage. i was q excited for the sausage but i think bc of my preference (chewy, less meaty feel typa food), it rly wasnt good for me. took a few bites n didnt wna eat anym, but the potato was p decent? quite liked it

signed up for their member ish thing n got the pork fried skin(?) cant rmb the name but was free πŸ˜† personally didnt like it too :') but okay HAHHA i think thats enough.