The launch of this cone certainly made waves, and it’s the first time I’ve seen such a queue of more than 9 people at the dessert kiosk at 10pm.

I was excited to receive this pastel purple soft serve on a chocolate waffle cone, but my first taste of this dessert left me feeling like the spicy nugget pictured. Though there is some sweet potato flavour, it tastes artificial and off-putting. If it weren’t for the cone, I wouldn’t even have tried to finish the ice cream (because face it, that’s 90% of the reason why I order cone ice creams for!). I was very excited about the availability of chocolate waffle cones at McDonald’s, and I wish they’d make this a permanent addition to the menu so we could have a combination of their regular vanilla soft serve and chocolate waffle cone. I guess I can’t complain much since it’s only $2 - while I wouldn’t buy this again, I’d definitely get the vanilla soft serve chocolate waffle cone combination!