The sweet potato 🍠 pizza 🍕 was a combi I nvr would have thought 💭 about!🤣

Was sceptical 🤨 about how it would taste 👅 initially but it proved me wrong😁


This is a sweet 🍬 and savoury pizza!!🍕 Sweetness 🍭 from that velvety-smooth sweet potato 🍠 purée & savoury from the thin layer of cheese 🧀 on top;))

Comes with @nipongnaepongsg fluffy homemade whipped cream!! You get a creamier & milkier flavour 🥛 but honestly, with or without the cream it’s still so tasty 👅

& that tortilla CRUST?? So crisp yet so thin⁉️🤪

Didn’t regret tryin this😉

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~ Ni Pizza $18.80

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