You can choose from 2 slots: 12-2pm or 2.30-4.30pm. We went in at 12pm sharp and got to enjoy their self-serve sushi, seafood, cheese, grapes and crackers.

The actual high tea dishes didnt come until 12.25, and they were served one by one. The beef sliders were a little dry and average tasting, my friend didnt like them as he thought they were too salty but I found them alright. The Smoked Chicken and Cheese Focaccias were almost entirely bread with minimal fillings, the the focaccia itself was dry. Mediterranean Chicken Wrap was eh too. A lot of veggies.

The Tiger Prawns were surprisingly my favourite, given that I’m not a fan of seafood. This was the only time that I actually willingly ate prawns and even ordered more as they were so juicy and big with a delicious sauce. The Chicken Cheese Balls were a little spicy and tasted like nacho cheese, also really average.

On to the sweets, the cakes were alright and the macarons were not bad too. My fav was the chocolate macaron, which was so rich. My friend ate 14 macarons in one sitting so I will never doubt him when he calls himself a macaron connesewer.

The biggest disappointment was the Almond Croissant and Chocolate Croissant, which were dry and doughy. They were not well laminated and tasted really stale. They honestly taste like those packaged pastries you’d get from 7-eleven, but even those taste better.

Overall I didn’t find this to be worth the price. Since the main dishes only come 30 mins after the start time of the buffet, you get less time to try them out and see which ones you like. The tiger prawns were the only dish that I thought were great, everything else was average or not that good.

Wouldn’t return unfortunately, do drop your recommendations for good and affordable high teas!

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