Dropped by the favourite place at East Coast Road (their Guillemard outlet has since been closed for renovations) and noticed this hiding in the display shelf alongside the usual bakes and pastries for a couple of weeks. Decided to go for them since these look quite like a fun bite-sizes item to have whilst I have the usual cuppa.

Coming in 10 pieces a portion, the Ping Pong Donuts do come pretty affordable at $3.80 before GST — served in the same paper bag as they would pack the takeaway pastries in, they have also rolled the paper bag down whilst also including a satay stick so one can actually use it to their convenience as they enjoy the donuts. The donuts are pretty much the same as their Cinnamon Spice Donut that used to come in a bomblini form; just smaller in a bite-sized portion that can be had in a mouthful. Here, the donuts come a little firmer bite even when compared to their usual bombolini-style donuts; though some may find it a tad dry — we found these to be pretty decent especially when paired with a cuppa on the side. A pretty fun bite to have as one pops a Ping Pong Donut into the mouth, and then takes a sip on the Long Black — pretty much the sort of activity which I would engage on a leisurely afternoon.

On a side note, a new location of Brawn & Brains Coffee is currently in the works at Hamilton Road; looking forward to the opening of their new location sometime soon, and also to what they have to offer there!