Opened at the former grounds of Hwa Nam Restaurant is Scissors Cut Curry Rice, a branch of Beach Road Scissors Cut Curry Rice that enjoys a bustling crowd at Jalan Besar (the red plates and that perpetual mess with that gimmicky yet apt snipping sounds in the background are really big giveaways about the stall's background).

My orders are pretty similar here to what I would order at the main branch; the Lor Bak, Cabbage and Fried Egg — expect the same quality as you would from the main one; the thick, sticky sauce that coats the lean chunks of meat for the Lor Bak, the fried egg with the yolk done beyond runny with crisp edges (and fried in huge batches) and the cabbage that's soft to the bite that works so ever well with their braised sauce and curry sauce combination that they drench generously atop the rice. Expect nothing but artery clogging goodness for the sauce; no doubt the elements are not executed for the gastronomic factor but done the same way that is now a signature character of the brand name itself — the classic execution that they had established themselves with over the decades. So glad that they are much closer to me now; probably a spot I would find myself hitting more often as a more affordable option for lunch before hitting the cafes in the area for my caffeine fix!