For the CBD hustlers, here’s your next affordable lunch spot!

Shinya Izakaya has launched super affordable lunch bento sets starting from just $12++, available from 12pm - 3pm! Featured here is a 4 Kind Bento ($18++), consisting of Salad and Buta Katsu, Tamago Yaki & Salmon Teriyaki, Yakiniku with Vegetables and Sashimi (3 kinds).

If you would like to opt for premium options, they have affordable omakase starting from just $48 for 7-course! Featured here is the Platinum Omakase - at $88, it consists of 10-course:
1️⃣ Zensai (Appetiser) (3 kinds)
2️⃣ Sashimi  (5 kinds)
3️⃣ Sunomono(vinegar-based dishes)
4️⃣ Yakimono
5️⃣ Pan-Fried A5 Wagyu Beef
6️⃣ Nimono (simmered dish) 
7️⃣ Agemono (Deep-fried dish)
8️⃣ Sushi gunkan (5 pieces)
9️⃣ Asari Miso Soup
🔟 Dessert