Visited Gong He Guan after a dinner at Chinatown Point, which was located a short walk away from Chinatown MRT. It was a popular spot but we thankfully didn’t have to queue for our seats. One of their staff was also really kind, and offered us extra chairs for our bags. The deco of the place reminded us of Hong Kong, with traditional wooden chairs and tables.

We ordered two of their cold desserts to share. The rock melon with sago was refreshing, with a milky base beneath shaved ice. We believe that some coconut milk was also added to give it extra fragrance. The partner really enjoyed the milky taste of this dish. The other dessert we got was the mango gui ling gao, which similarly came with shaved ice. The gui ling gao cubes were bitter and contrasted well with the sweet mango cubes.

Do give this place a try if you’re looking for a lighter dessert as the servings aren’t too big and won’t leave you feeling overly full even if you had a meal before. Prices aren’t exactly cheap though but the taste is authentic and the ingredients are fresh. For those who prefer warm Chinese desserts, they also have items like sesame paste and tang yuan.

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