We had an enjoyable dinner here last week, where we tried out a few of their signature dishes!

Iā€™m not exaggerating when I say that each dish was great and exceeded our expectations! From the fork-tender Beef Redang, to the Cumi Bali (charcoal-grilled squid) that was well-grilled and so tender, the Ayam Sate Madura that blew our minds (or rather tastebuds) with its flavour, and the comforting taste of the Sayur Lodeh, everything was on point! We paired all these dishes nasi padang-style with yellow rice and their signature sambal belacan that was shiok and fiery! Had to wash all that down with a Fresh Coconut and Lime Juice!

We definitely recommend this place if you are looking for an Indonesian restaurant in the CBD area. The prices are slightly steep, but the food is definitely worth the money for its quality!