Hadn’t heard much from the folks of South Union Park / Eleven Strands for a while; pretty surprised to actually find out about their latest concept, Mia, which had just opened its doors at Link@896. For those who are unfamiliar with the building, Link@896 is located just right opposite King Albert Park MRT Station on the Downtown Line; the same building also houses the original location of Kong Cafe, an outpost of La Pizzaiola, as well as Fishop Kitchen which have visited a while back. This is their very first concept that is situated within a mall; South Union Park and Eleven Strands are concepts that occupied a shophouse. Occupying a unit at a corner away from most of the other F&B establishments at Link@896, the space does carry some familiar vibes from Eleven Strands — full height windows, as well as the use of wood and cork accents in the furnishing and fittings; all that with a dark green colour scheme for some of its fittings and furnishings that is comforting to the eyes. With an emphasis on their pastas (a strength of theirs ever since their South Union Park days — especially so for their handmade pastas), Mia’s focus would be on their pasta offerings. Whilst most part of the menu has been carried forward from both the menus at South Union Park and Eleven Strands (think familiar pasta items such as the Chicken Sausage Tomate, Bacon Cream Pasta, as well as the Tarte Flambés, starters and mains), Mia does offer some exclusive items which includes the Sundried Tomato Garlic Bread, Buratta Salad, Lobster Tail Pasta and others. The list of beverages includes sparkling and still water, soda, juices, coffee and tea — alcoholic beverages are listed on the menu at this current juncture, but are temporarily unavailable as they are pending their alcohol license.

Being one of the new items that is exclusive to the menu at Mia, the Spicy Garlic Vongole Pot features elements such as white clams, tomato sauce, chilli, garlic, parsley, grilled country bread. A dish that is likely to capture the hearts of the seafood lovers, we liked how the white clams were pretty fresh here without any undesirable fishiness in its flavours; they have also been cleaned pretty well considering how there wasn’t any gritty, sandy bits within that would have an impact on the overall experience. Really liked how the mix of tomato sauce, chili, garlic and parsley went; that sauce was especially garlicky and briny yet remaining tangy — really refreshing to have on its own considering how it does open the palate really well. The addition of grilled country bread is a thoughtful touch — the bread being all crisp on the exterior yet comes with just enough tension as one chews on it for a good bite — just what is needed to mop up all that remainder of that tomato sauce clean with the bread just absorbing all that punchy goodness. A great way to start off the meal, and an item that works as plate to share across the table as well.

Have always been a fan of South Union Park ever since their opening and followed them through the years — it is indeed heartening to see how they have went from just a single concept hidden in the quiet estate of Jalan Kembangan, all the way to Eleven Strands and now, Mia. There has been many changes along the way, but their handmade pastas have been comfort food to me all these while — from that ravioli dish that I have first had at South Union Park, to that Bacon Cream Pasta with Handmade Chitarra which we had to Mia; their execution of handmade pasta has always left me more than being just satisfied. Just like how Eleven Strands was an extension of what South Union Park has to offer, Mia is pretty much their extension of Eleven Strands — a spot where their pasta dishes seem to particularly shine for those who are into handmade pasta especially. Always looking forward to what the folks behind South Union Park / Eleven Strands / Mia are up to — one thing we are certainly glad though; Mia’s location out of the three concepts definitely works better for us to make revisits for their food!