This stall was incredibly famous during the pandemic. The queue were legendary and the wait time was mind boggling. And yet today, I was the only customer at 3pm when most hawkers have closed for CNY. All the more business should be roaring because you don’t have that many choices left.

I ordered a drum stick and a piece of chicken breast for $5.50. Not bad. The exterior is coated with a layer of powdered deep frying flour and the chicken is then deep fried to a perfect golden brown. Biting into the chicken, juice starts squirting out and my hands were soon soaked with fried chicken juice!

However, the skin with the frying mix was a bit too salty for me. I imagine if I had this with some carb like rice or mashed potatoes, it will be less salty.

So, all in, the food is not half bad. If there is no queue, I recommend for those who miss the old style fried chicken fast food outlets.