Yay! Got my hotpot fix from City Hot Pot today. Craving for it after spending a day with students packing assorted hot pot vegetables.
Opted for Set B which came with lots and lots of ingredients — wagyu chuck eye roll, pork collar, fresh fish fillet, fresh prawn [what a thoughtful gesture to deshell before serving], prawn paste, crab stick [swopped with beancurd skin instead], handmade tofu, cockles, liver, vegetable combo, mushroom combo and staple served with a range of dipping sauces and condiments.
❤️ both the freshly prepared meat and fresh seafood in hearty portion; and the individual pot which allows everyone to get the soup base that they like!
I chose Teochew fish soup from their 14 different types of soup base which was robust and flavoursome even on its own.
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