Despite new competition sprouting along Neil Road and Everton Park, this cafe decked out in beautiful tiles and classy rose gold furnishings is holding its ground with satisfying mains and good coffee. While the menu at Populus Coffee and Food Co. features a good list of delicious mains like the Rendang Donburi ($20), it also has a small section dedicated to healthier grain bowls that is easy to miss. Of the three bowls available (all have the same vegetable toppings but different proteins and bases), we enjoyed the Pulled Pork Grain Bowl ($18) the most. The meat is tender and well-seasoned, sitting on a bed of quinoa, bulgur wheat and pearl barley, and lots of vegetables like mushrooms, tomatoes and pumpkin. It is a well-balanced, nutritious bowl that will fill you, and is available throughout the week for both lunch and dinner. Swing by for a quick lunch with colleagues, or come in the night with your friends and catch up in this cosy space.
Avg Price: $25 per person
Photo by Burppler Kat Tay