Clever marketing and beautiful decor, and that's it. The food taste is not worth the price. If you're a foodie that does not stay around the Bukit Panjang area, I recommend against travelling here for the food. For kaya toast and equivalent you can check out YY kafei dian. For Oxtail stew - > British Hainan

The sweetness of the kaya overwhelms the gula melaka and make the gula melaka fragrant not apparent at all. Worse of all, their butter are thick slices which makes the individual tastes less noticeable. A lousy imitator at best.

Oxtail stew, the mashed potato tastes the same as instant mashed potato. Oh yes, I paid 18.80 to taste instant mashed potato LOL. Oxtail sauce is alright, but proportion of bones and fats vs meat is about 2:1. Quite frightening to see more bones than actual meat.

I am very hesitant to try other dishes on the menu. Overall I left the place feeling cheated by those popular foodies' reviews. Which makes me wonder how those "food blogger" make money? Through writing nice reviews and taking nice photos to advertise right?

Hey man, love your honest reviews!