Have visited Obsessive Chocolat Desire when they first opened their doors at Ang Mo Kio — they had since moved out of the space at had found new digs at Jalan Besar just a stone’s throw away from Jalan Besar MRT Station; the new premises also comes decked in a mix of black and pastel blue, though I do admit that I very much preferred their previous look at Ang Mo Kio which they had inherited from Twenty Grammes when they had closed down there a couple of years ago.

The Signature Belgium 60% Dark Chocolate Ice-Cream goes without saying as one of my standard orders here — I have always liked how OCD Cafe had carried an emphasis on using chocolate from different origins for the products here; a concept that is often used in cafes in the third-wave coffee movement, though less commonly seen when it comes to chocolate. Churned fresh in-house, the Signature Belgium 60% Dark Chocolate Ice-Cream is nothing short of being dark and rich — the smooth ice-cream is an absolute indulgence with its bittersweet notes without being unnecessarily creamy; the richness almost akin to that of chocolate sorbets that come with zero distraction with the chocolate being the only subject of the ice-cream flavour. A very decadent scoop of chocolate ice-cream that would suit those particular with their chocolate, and especially those who enjoy bittersweet chocolate — this is bound to satisfy the most hardcore of chocolate fans; there is also an ice-cream flavour featuring 85% dark chocolate if one craves for something even heavier.

Liked how the new OCD Cafe offers a wider variety of food at Jalan Besar as compared to their former premises at Ang Mo Kio — there is also a Toast Cube with Ice-Cream, as well as a small variety of fried food for those looking for some finger food to have alongside the desserts. But OCD Cafe’s strongest suit would certainly be still with their chocolate products — totally worth visiting just for that reason alone!