Took my Mom here for Mother's Day and immediately regretted it for the following reasons:
1. My mom ordered a salad that had beets and pumpkins. She doesn't like beets, so wanted to remove the beets and suggested that they just make up the difference by adding a bit more pumpkins. Apparently you have to pay extra to have more pumpkin even though you are saving on the bets. HATE places that are so cheapskate. Don't they know what customer delight means?
2. They place Fiji water bottles on each table to trick you into drinking them and subsequently paying for them - don't fall for this and order iced water instead.
3. Food was SO mediocre for the price. I ordered the portobello burger ($34) (above) while my parents ordered the duck confit (which I read good reviews about on Burpple). My parents were very underwhelmed and didn't even comment on the food. Each duck leg is served with a tablespoon of mash and is about $34 if I'm not wrong. Food was just SO blah.

Take your money somewhere else. La Petite Cuisine at Serene Centre has excellent duck confit at only $18. Avoid this place.