Saw the flavours which Apiary had collaborated with Uniqlo for the opening of Uniqlo’s newest outlet at [email protected] and was actually pretty interested to try them out. While the promotion where Uniqlo customers could get a scoop of Apairy’s ice-cream for free at the said Uniqlo outlet with a minimum spend of $80 had since ended, Apiary is offering the three flavours in collaboration with Uniqlo at their Jubilee Square outlet for a limited time only.

Of the three flavours created in line for the Apiary x Uniqlo collaboration, we found ourselves going for the Hokkaido Milk x Local Honey flavour — itself being quite a symbolic creation between both brands if one reads in between the lines. It is a combination of Japanese and local elements — Uniqlo being a Japanese brand, while Apiary being a locally born-and-bred ice cream parlour. Uniqlo is also known for being particularly simplistic in its apparel; pretty much the “Hokkaido Milk” ice-cream flavour when compared to other clothing brands — the inclusion of local honey perhaps being loosely linked to Apiary’s namesake, which refers to a place where bees are kept. The combination of both elements is an ice-cream flavour that is simple, unpretentious, yet not being too plain — the Hokkaido Milk ice-cream base is smooth, creamy and milky with this particularly fragrance that is well-associated with Hokkaido Milk. It is the pool of local honey that is drizzled onto the scoop of Hokkaido Milk Ice-Cream that is particularly alluring — there is a particular floral note here that is strangely zingy, but we really liked how it also wasn’t cloyingly sweet; pretty much giving the Hokkaido Milk ice-cream a twist that is rather interesting to say the least.

Apiary has gone pretty far from its days as a freshly started up business at Neil Road back then — they have since expanded their operations to multiple outlets; the latest one being more of a pop-up nature being housed in Antler at Bencoolen Street alongside Shake Coffee. There have also been some notable collaborations; that includes the one which they had with Tsuta some time back. In it’s latest collaboration with Uniqlo, we are also pretty interested in the White Peach Gingerflower Sorbet as well — perhaps something that we would check out if we were to give the Jubilee Square outlet a visit before the limited run ends!