If you have not been to The Butcher’s Wife, it is a natural wine bar and kitchen dishing out Brazilian inspired food. It was my first time dining at The Butcher’s Wife and the food truly impressed me much, despite it being gluten-free. We started the evening with The Wife’s Croquettas ($14), a vegan-friendly snack made with soy milk, young jackfruit and served with a fermented cashew chilli sauce that you will want to lick it off the plate.

It was followed by the Chargrilled Cabbage ($18) that has been basted with brown butter on the grill and paired with a pine nut salsa and red dragon fruit BBQ sauce; absolutely delish and something that I can eat all day long. The Portobello ($20) is confit and complemented with pickled shimeji mushrooms for a variety of textures and flavours are accentuated with creamy ricotta, sweet tomato puree and a fresh herbaceous chermoula sauce. The last of the starters is the Acarajé ($25), a favourite in the restaurant and popular street food snack. The version here is made with crispy black eyed peas buns and sandwiched with a green mango herb salsa and juicy grilled prawn.

The Lamb Picanha ($38) is beautifully cooked and presented, with zero gaminess and texture almost like a wagyu due to the well marbled meat. It is accompanied with a creamy pistachio yogurt, fresh orange salsa and coriander. For desserts, we sampled the Caramel Lava Cake ($18) that has a savouriness in the soy-sauce caramel to balance the bittersweet chocolate molten and paired with vanilla bean ice cream. There are also the Fresh to Death ($16), nothing menacing but a playful dessert of almond financier served with a tropical fruit and tonka bean compote, passionfruit, crisp tulie and a fennel ice cream, and Romeo & Julieta ($16) of a match made in heaven consisting of baked cheese cake topped with a fruity pink guava coulis and finished with crunchy milk crumble.
✨ The Butcher’s Wife
📍 19 Yong Siak Street, Singapore 168650
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