Hidden inside a korean mart of suntec city. The ambience of the restaurant is relatively decent! The overall spread was not too bad and the food were authentic as well. Personally my favourite dish was the kimchi pajeon (i.e. the kimchi pancake). It was super crispy and flavourful, with a generous amount of kimchi in it that made it juicy alongside with the crispiness of the pancake!

However, personally, the tteokbokki was a lil disappointing as it was towards the sweeter side which wasn’t to my liking. Others might still like it as this kinda dish weighs heavily on personal preference!

The beef gimbap was satisfactory, nothing too special about it. Pretty decent with a generous amount of ingredients in it!

The jajangmyeon was also p meh, p much just like a normal instant noodle we could make on our own! Not that worth to pay for it imo.

Ratings: ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5