We had the following:

1. "Tonnarelli" (pictured)- Pasta with Hokkaido Scallops in Basil Pesto and Salmon Caviar - The scallops were juicy and fresh. Pesto was tasty but I wish the texture was a bit more consistent; parts of the broth were a tad bit too watery and 'diluted'. And the ikura was a bit hard to bite. Overall still an above average pasta dish but lacks oomph factor.

2. "Capellini"- Angel Hair with Blue Swimmer Crab Meat cooked in Lobster Bisque - this fared better than the Tonnarelli, tasting homely as if whipped up by a matronly nonna (Italian grandma). Generous shreds of crab meat swimming in lobster broth paired with al-dente angel hair pasta makes this the go-to dish for crustacean lovers.

3. "Battuta"- Salad of Bluefin tuna tartare and avocado - was expecting nothing more than overpriced seasoned tuna sashimi topped with avocado and veggies, but surprisingly this dish is more than the sum of its parts, with the fresh, creamy flavour of the chopped raw tuna and finely sliced avocado pairing really well together, and the crisp greens contributing to the final oomph!