9 Feb’22, Wed🌧
📍Nanjing Impressions (Plaza Singapura)
- Madam Chiang’s Nutritious Beauty Porridge🥣
- Jinling Roast Duck🍗
- Sesame-scented Beancurd Julienne🍮
- Osmanthus-scented Steamed Sponge🌼
- Nanjing Chilled Vegetarian Delights🥗
- Steamed Shrimp & Silky Gourd Dumpling🥟
- Fa Cai Abalone Yu Sheng (not in pic)🥢
- Nanjing Yuhua Tea (not in pic)🍵

Impressed by the sesame beancurd julienne! The beancurd was so thinly sliced, the fragrance of the sesame smell and the savoury sauce, as well as the dried shrimps, all of these went very well with the beancurd, not too salty, what a nice combi, yum!

Unlike the usual savoury porridge that I expected, the beauty porridge was something like sweet (but not too sweet) soya bean soup base with lily and water chestnut, the rice was almost not visible to eyes, quite a surprise dish eh!

The xlb was unlike the usual pork meat xlb, the shrimp with silky gourd filling was quite on point, natural sweetness from the shrimp and moist silky gourd, something different for a change!

The veg cold dish was quite decent, various veg mixed together with sesame oil and not too salty, feeling healthy eating this~

The roast duck was quite decent, quite tender, no gamey smell, just that find the sauce a little diluted, else it will be perfect…

The osmanthus steam sponge was a little too sticky and chewy to my likings, but taste wise, it’s pretty good, not too sweet and each mouthful was filled with osmanthus smell…

Overall, the taste of each dishes was quite well balanced, not too sweet/ salty, wouldn’t mind coming back again, it would be perfect if each dish’s portion could be a little bigger…

Damage: $121.35

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