I dare say it’s been a couple of years since I last stepped into GT. The menu’s changed (no more salad base omg), there’re now more unfamiliar faces, and even the vibe feels oddly different; but one thing’s for sure — the food’s still as solid as ever. I fell back on their quinoa given that the greens are now gone, and I’m pleased to say it’s as tasty as I remember them to be when they first opened their doors. The Sous-vide Salmon’s still fork tender and beautifully charred on the outside (if smaller than I recall haha); Roast Chicken’s as juicy and well-seasoned; and really all my favourites that they still carry remain as delicious. Sure there are plenty of other grain bowl options around right now and yes GT isn’t exactly the cheapest. Perhaps it’s nostalgia, as well as the fact that I know I’d always leave the restaurant mega satisfied, that cements GT as among my fave grain bowl spots. Ever. Besides they now carry Mate Mate and I swear there’s no better way to end the meal than with a can of this refreshing sparkling tea 🥰