Every time I am in Nanjing, the capital city of Jiangsu province, I will go to a restaurant that offers Nanjing street food at reasonable prices - Nanjing Da Pai Dang. This chain of restaurant has many outlets and they offer exactly the same food, taste, decor, service, with the leading staff who wears ancient Chinese costume with a funny Mandarin hat and waitresses in ancient Chinese clothes.

Imagine my surprise when I heard they opened a branch in Singapore. And they have replicated the decor and uniforms, even down to the leading staff with the Mandarin hat.

Okay so the menu is very much reduced in terms of items compared with their cousins in Nanjing but the ubiquitous Salty Braised Duck, Smoked Duck, LionHead Meatball, Bean Curd in Brine, Pork Trotters in Dark Sauce, these are all available. And the taste did not disappoint.

I think I will come again whenever I miss Nanjing food or introduce this novelty to friends.

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